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What to Expect

Your initial application will be reviewed and if you meet our minimum criteria you will be called in for an interview.

Your initial interview will be with of a three or four member panel. You will be asked a standard set of questions and be given a written comprehension test. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about our agency, benefits, and the position applied for. Your interview will be graded using a Marion Police Department New Applicant Interview form.

If, after your initial interview, we decide that you qualify as a potential job candidate, you will be called for a second interview with the Chief of Police and a background investigation will follow.

Background investigations consist of criminal record checks, driver history checks, financial record checks, etc. We will speak to past and present employers and co-workers, as well as friends, neighbors, family members, and associates. You will be required to give proof of citizenship and proof of high school graduation or equivalency. Your fingerprints will be submitted to the State Bureau of Investigation and kept on file at our agency.

If your background investigation proves successful, you will be called for a third interview with the Chief of Police and typically a conditional offer of employment is offered during that meeting.

Finally, if you are offered a position with our agency, you will be required to complete a physical, drug test, TB test, pulmonary function test, breath alcohol test, psychological examination, physical agility test (POPAT) and qualify with our agency's firearms.

You will be sworn in as a police officer with the City of Marion on your first day of work and begin your training with a Field Training Officer.

The hiring process is not a rapid one, from beginning to end can be eight weeks or longer from your initial interview until your first day at work. The hiring process is the same for everyone, whether you are a lateral transfer with experience or straight out of Basic Law Enforcement Training.

Career Development Visual

Career development is a structured process that is utilized by an agency to provide opportunities for individual growth and development at all levels. It is designed to promote productive, efficient, and effective job performance and to improve the overall level of individual job satisfaction.

So that agencies can deal effectively with law enforcement in an increasingly complex and sophisticated society, there should be parallel increases in the level of education and training required for law enforcement officers. Higher education, by itself, is not an absolute answer in achieving improvement in law enforcement agencies. However, officers who have received a broad general education have a better opportunity to gain a more thorough understanding of society, to communicate more effectively with citizens, and to engage in the exploration of new ideas and concepts.

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